Time of change

30 years ago, there were 5 billion people. Today there are over 7 billion. The global market has risen by 30% - so that is at least 30% more companies available today, than when I started my company, Workplus, 31 years ago. The time, when Comecon fell apart and Hungary became a democratic republic in 1989.

It was the time of change.

It was change in: politics, economics, society, not to mention the rise of computer science and technology just about the same time. As coming from an educational background (my first degree is teacher for children with special needs),where attention, patience and empathy were basic requirements, I wanted use those skill in my advantage. I found a niche, Human Resources, that I believed will have a bright future in years to come, in Hungary and internationally, and that belief – transformed my fear, and I became an entrepreneur.

Hungary was operating under socialistic regime for over 40 years, there was no system, laws, or routines for the services I offered, it was a certain fear in me obviously from the unknown, even I was believing in its future. Our firm grew quickly from 2 to 20 employees in the 1990’s and we have opened branches nationally and internationally. 

As there were no real templates back then how to start such as operation as I was about to start, first weeks I was frightened that I will fall or get lost in the process. Continuous networking, communication, development, and structured research work helped my company’s, also my own personal growth into the new pace of the 21. Century. You probably all remember 911 or the financial crisis of 2008 just to name a few of the challenges we had – so we all know by our own experience, how unexpected obstacles can appear and disappear and that “in action”, where planning and accurate decision making is key – fear is hardly driving force.

Fear lies in everyone, it’s a human nature, as they say. Almost all of us are afraid of what we do not know. We are full of supposed or real beliefs. At the same time, it is up to you whether you give way to or defeat the feeling. I happen to have a lucky nature; in every challenge and difficulty I notice the opportunity first, so fear steps in just later😊

Today, more than 3 decades later after the start of our first day in business– Workplus is available throughout the EU, UK, US also in China. As a relatively small, “boutique” Business Development Consultancy Firm- Our service quality and many of our process methods became a direct competition to corporate giants in our field. Not only, because we are not afraid now, but because our progressive in-house company culture policies we established from early on, and they help our team to work effectively.

Just like at Google or Apple, where they are about promoting acceptance, understanding and ongoing self-development – our colleagues know how to value and source out soothing individual and team characteristics for a project, based on the information they are working from. My main goal was from the beginning to create a work environment which functions like a professional, intellectual hub based on agile management principals – so people feel safe, and not just not worried, but excited to “come” to work. Preferably working from home this days.

Instant global communication is now possible compared with even 20-30 years ago. SaaS and the so called 'cloud' were not about then, and the internet speed for those who could get it was 28.8kbits - you could even 'hear' the internet through your modem. Bliss. Or - Imagine, having the same pandemic lock down 30 years ago, in the 80’s- without internet, 5G, laptops or smart devices? Not a very bright picture, right? Just as a comparison. Nowadays, we have an almost an overwhelming selection of online platforms, apps and soft wares specially designed to communicate effectively in high quality.

The question is – are the quality and standards of our work culture, relationships, and communication up to date enough to use them effectively? Are we capable of keeping up the pace with the better and faster solutions available on the market every day? Are we as humans and professionals all tuned up – and ready for the newest technology?

In theory it should be a lot 'easier'. In practice I have found it to be the same. Knowing your audience, their key problems, caring for them, asking questions, and letting them know you have a solution is the same. The delivery mechanism of spreading your message has broadened, but that pattern has been happening since the dawn of time: from word of mouth, to letter, to print advertising, to radio, to tv, to 'digital', to...? If the provided service, product is “top notch” – newest online tools can only add some additional value and compliment to the professional accomplishment – but the complex, strategic teamwork of humans – will be always in charge.

The best part is that now I can set up a new business idea in a matter of hours, test it via my partners and grow it or abandon it without losing money or time. The opportunities grow exponentially every day (just as they always have done with an ever-increasing population). Fun times for anyone willing to have a go!

2021 will be possibly a challenging year, so based on experience, why not use our natural fear as healthy stimulant, to get the company energy flow pumping – and colleagues hungry for success? 

Wishing you all a Powerful, Prosperous and Healthy New Year!

Krisztina Varga

Krisztina Varga
CEO / Workplus